Pricelist TT-Soft

We offer the following pricelist:

   The listed price is the approximate value as it depends on the customers’ needs and requirements. The price changes mainly due to a number of functionalities. Such as: How many languages the site has, is the payment system included or not, how many pages it will consist of, and changes with the design, etc.

   It is also vital condition what kind of site you want: Written with CMS (WordPress, Joomla), or clean code PHP.

   The consultation is free, during which we are discussing all the details and decide a deadline. The duration of the creation of the site is 1-2 months, depending on the complexity and the volume of the work.

Web site business card 150.000 AMD 15-20 days
Cooperative, business website 250.000 AMD 30 days
Online shopping site 400.000 AMD 45 days
Announcement site 700.000 AMD 60 days